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Costa dei trabocchi


Costa dei Trabocchi

Along the southern stretch of the Abruzzi coast, between Ortona and Vasto, the famous and celebrated "trabocchi" rise up like sentinels on the sea, compared by Gabriele D'Annunzio to "colossal spiders" and described in the tragedy "The Triumph of Death" as "machines" that seemed to live on their own life.

During more then two centuries, the stories told and lived by huma beings on the Trabocchi are probably endless.


It was built by Bernardo Verì (1851-1932), "Binnarde di Scirocche", with the help of the family in 1885.


The “Costa dei Trabocchi” – so called for the presence of numerous “Trabocchi” – is constituted by about 60 Km of shoreline, famous throughout Italy for its naturalistic beauty and for its heteroge


The trabocco takes its name from the dialectal appellation of the stretch of sea on which it is located: it was built in 1938 by Bernardo, Orlandino, Luigi, Domenico and Tommaso Verì (nicknamed "De


The "Trabocco", which for centuries has been a livelihood for many generations of fishermen, today has become an icon of our region and in particular a symbol of the southern central coast of Abruz


The TRABOCCO PUNTA ISOLATA was built in Rocca San Giovanni, in the beautiful setting of the Costa dei Trabocchi, by will of Mauro D'Antonio.


The "Pesce Palombo" restaurant combines the tradition of seafood cuisine of the Adriatic Sea with the structure famous throughout Italy for its ancient history.


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Whether you decide to spend only a weekend or a entire holiday in our region, here you will find ideas and suggestions on the most fascinating places, activities, villages and paths to discover the most authentic Abruzzo!


Alba Adriatica

Where is: Alba Adriatica stands on the Adriatic coast, in province of Teramo, just a few kilometers from the border with Marche region. It can be reached by the highway A14, in close proximity of the exit Val Vibrata.


The small and characteristic medieval town of Casalbordino, in the province of Chieti, is located on a hill at 201 metres above sea level. between the rivers Osento and Sinello, a short distance from the Adriatic coast and a few kilometres from Vasto. The historic centre preserves a tower, which is part of the medieval walls, and the eighteenth-century church of San Salvatore.


Lying on gentle hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Fossacesia is in the province of Chieti, in the heart of the Costa dei Trabocchi. Its territory develops north of the mouth of the river Sangro, where the coast is particularly jagged with bays and inlets alternating beaches of pebbles and sandy beaches.

Francavilla al Mare

Francavilla al Mare is a delightful seaside resort, famous since the second half of the 19th century. Located in the province of Chieti, the town offers a wide range of entertainment and recreation options, with a good accommodation capacity.


Among the most important municipalities in the province of Teramo, Giulianoiva boasts a harmonious hilly and maritime landscape that every year attracts many tourists. Roman colony born in 290 BC.


On the border with Marche region, Martinsicuro is the first of seven pearls to welcome you to the "garden coast" of Teramo. It is an established tourist, commercial and bathing centre of Abruzzo and, although it was recently established as an autonomous municipality (1963), it boasts ancient origins.


Montesilvano, close to Pescara, is a town with a strong tourist vocation linked above all to summer bathing. The coast is dotted with hotels, many of them high level and equipped with numerous entertainment services. The greatest concentration is in the northern part of the Marina, which is why it is known as the "Great Hotels" area.


A city fair of culture and sea, home to eclectic artists, Ortona is also one of the most popular seaside resorts on the coast.


Crossed by the river of the same name, Pescara is a modern city bordering the Adriatic Sea. It arises from the union (in 1927) of two towns (Castellammare Adriatico and Pescara), formerly located on the opposite banks of a river.


Beautiful town of the Abruzzo Riviera, Pineto owes its name to the luxuriant and lush pinewoods that line the sea for more than four kilometers and embellish the picturesque landscape of the hills of Teramo.

San Salvo (CH)

Where is: San Salvo, in province of Chieti, is the last town of Abruzzo coast and it is located at the border line with Molise region, towards the mouth of the Trigno river. It enjoys a location in 106 meters above sea level, about 5 km from the coast.

San Vito Chietino

Along the Costa dei trabocchi, between Ortona and Fossacesia, San Vito Chietino dominates the Adriatic Sea. The town, defined by D'Annunzio as "the country of the brooms", rises on a rocky spur and from its balconies you can enjoy a wide panorama that ranges from Majella to Gargano, and than to the Tremiti Islands.


Where is: it is the most southerly seaside resort of Teramo coast, just a few kilometers from the border with Pescara province. It can be reached by the highway A14 in close proximity of the exit Pescara Nord/Città S.Angelo and headed toward North along the Main Road 16.

Torino di Sangro

In the province of Chieti, in the heart of the Costa dei Trabocchi, Torino di Sangro is a quiet seaside resort with a coastline of about six kilometres evenly divided between the sandy beach of "Le Morge" and the pebble beach of "Costa Verde". Its beautiful seafront promenade is ideal for long walks.


Tortoreto, in the province of Teramo, is a renowned seaside resort, destination of many Italian and foreign tourists who love to spend their holidays on the Adriatic coast.


Beautiful town in the province of Chieti, Vasto enchants with a charm of yesteryear. Overlooking the gulf of Trabocchi, it has ancient origins and collects the remains of three thousand years of civilization, testified by ancient towers, fortifications, churches and palaces.