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Inside the Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga National Park, Crognaleto (from the term "crognale", "corniolo"), with its 1105 meters of height, is one of the highest countries in the area and preserves two beautiful testimonies of the religious fervor that animated the inhabitants of these remote valleys. The village obtained municipal autonomy after 1813, because before it was only one of the villas of which was constituted the large territory called Montagna di Roseto. The small church of Santa Caterina, dating back to 1500, is located inside the town, while on the cliff overlooking the town is the picturesque church of the Madonna della Tibia with its beautiful baroque altar in painted and gilded wood. 1617 and flanked by a small tavern for the rest of the pilgrims who dared to face these inaccessible valleys. In the village of Alvi di Tottea is interesting the church of Santa Maria Apparens with frescoes of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries restored in the 80s and in that of Paladini there are the remains of a Roman bridge that, however, the local tradition attributes to the heroes of Charlemagne. In Frattoli, the Church of San Giovanni Battista is of great interest, and at Poggio Umbricchio the Parish Church of the Madonna of Loreto. In Cesacastina, another part of the municipality, there is the Church of Saints Peter and Paul and in the immediate vicinity, in Colle Morello, there are stone houses with mottos and sacred verses engraved on the architraves of doors and windows. In the area of the Monti della Laga, in Rocca Roseto, there is an ancient fort - military observatory, very well preserved and particularly suggestive.

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Provincia: Teramo

CAP: 64043

Prefisso: 0861

Altitudine: 1105m


42.5870003, 13.4900013