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Del Verde Waterfalls - Borrello (CH)

The Verde natural waterfalls, divided into three consecutive jumps of about 200 meters, are of great scientific importance, both for the position and for the existing microclimate. These are the highest natural waterfalls in the Apennines, second in Italy and among the highest in Europe. They are fed by perennial waters, even if variable in the flow during the year. The waterfalls, located within the Regional Reserve of the same name, are located in a wide canyon, whose rocky walls are covered by dense Mediterranean vegetation. Rare mammals like skunks and wild cats live and camouflage in the surrounding woods.

The facilities of the Reserve, managed by the company Rio Verde Ambiente and Turismo, are multiple to provide a more complete service to tourists. The Reserve Office is located in Borrello in Via Silvio Spaventa. At the Visitor Center, which also houses the small restaurant, you can find explanatory leaflets in the area. The Reserve has two picnic areas, one located in the immediate vicinity of the parking lot, the other is more internal a few minutes from the refreshment point. Both areas are also equipped with tables.

Several nature trails and hiking trails allow you to admire the wonderful waterfalls and discover the area. Click here for information on routes.

On request it is possible to take a guided tour, booking it at the number +39.340 11 72 367

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Town Hall tel.0872945124  tel.340 11 72 367


340 11 72 367

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