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Aventino River

A real gym of nature and beauty


20 luglio 2023

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Fiume Aventino, Ph. Di Pietro Moto Itinerari CC BY-SA 3.0


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The Aventino is more than just a humble tributary. It is a gym of nature, sport and adventure, which all of you keen on canyoning, rafting and kayaking should definitely experience.

It is best to tackle its clear and transparent waters in late spring and summer, when the temperature is warmer and allows lashing swims in its pools along the approximately one-kilometer stretch. It opens up in the municipality of Palena, with a jump of 3, 5 and 8 metres, also suitable for children from age 10 and up assisted by guides and specialized operators.

The Aventino springs are located within the restricted area of paleontological interest of Capo di Fiume, on the eastern slope of Mount Porrara in the Maiella National Park, in the province of Chieti: a precious heritage that is also fed by rain and snow, with a flow capacity of 1,200 litres per second. 
To enjoy this blue jewel, you have to reach the Frentana provincial road, at about 2 kilometres from Palena in the direction of Pescocostanzo. Here there is an educational panel and some picnic tables and you can go down some stone steps to better connect with the river soul.

If you stay quiet, you might spot deer, squirrels, roe deer, herons and otters living along its banks, hidden in areas of almost wild beautiful nature.
We also recommend you visit the nearby Capo di Fiume Geosite, the Geopaleontological Museum and the Bear Museum to get a complete picture of the history and environment of the area.
After covering 45 kilometers of park and simply astonishing you with its adamantine water, without any special effects, the Aventine flows into the Sangro river, greeting you with its gurgles, as only a river can do.


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