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Muspac L'Aquila

Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art MUSPAC - L'Aquila

The MUSPAC has a permanent collection that includes works by international artists such as Joseph Beuys, Jannis Kounellis, Fabio Mauri, Mario Merz, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Giulio Paolini and Italian artists of Abruzzo origin (see permanent collection).
The museum also has a multimedia library and a projection room where films, documentaries and art videos are shown on a daily basis.
Museum activities also include educational workshops, internships, conferences and seminars.
Ongoing events are organized in various fields of knowledge: conferences held by Ferdinando Bologna, musical initiatives, ethno-anthropological and cultural heritage, those on video-art, on performances.
In this sense, MUSPAC wanted to go beyond the concept of a museum as a simple "collector" and focus more and more on research and experimentation, taking advantage of the advantages of new technologies.

Via Ficara, Piazza d'Arti L'Aquila - tel 338.2374725 -  

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