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Grotta A Male - L'Aquila

The cave has been discovered in 1573 by the military engigneer Francesco de Marchi who penetrated in a natural cave inside the mountain for half kilometer. The cave is equipped with lighting and gangways that allow the visitor to admire the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The suggestive pipe organ room takes the name from the sound made by the stalactites when they are moving. There are also two small lakes. The Holy Mary Cave with a chappel ruins is situated at the bottom of underlying rocky side. The first part of the itinerary is easy but the second one is only for expert visitors. The cave has been used by men since prehistory with traces from Neolithic to Bronze Age: it was a place of worship for rites dedicated to rock divinities. You can reach the cave from Assergi following a dirt track next to the A24 toll booth. A sign and a parking area will show you where to stop and continue walking.


42.4135124, 13.5053538