Faggete Abruzzo

I grandi patriarchi della natura, veri monumenti naturali

The great patriarchs of nature, true natural monuments

Abruzzo is a region that boasts monumental trees of incredible beauty, guardians of memories and traditions, pieces of history of the region. Now, 370 plants have been declared protected natural monuments and included in a researched list that safeguards this priceless heritage up to the prohibition of slaughter.

The list also includes plants to which particular historical events or local traditions are linked. Below, some locations with exceptional trees for their circumference, of which we report the measure:


  • Villetta Barrea (AQ), beech of 8.45 meters;
  • Vasto (CH), loc. Madonna dei sette dolori, olive tree of 3.50 meters;
  • In Palombaro (CH) in the province of Chieti, in the town's municipal villa there is a 4.6-meter white poplar;
  • In Pescocostanzo (AQ), in the fabulous wood of Sant'Antonio, there are numerous large trees, in the list we find five including a maple of 4.90 meters, a linden tree of 4.79 meters and an ash tree of 4 ,51 meters;
  • In Pescasseroli (AQ) there are even 12 monumental trees;
  • At Sante Marie (AQ), there is a chestnut tree of 8.10 meters;
  • In San Vito Chietino (CH), a mulberry tree of 4.60 meters shows off;
  • In Penne there are 16 protected trees, among these we find an Atlas cedar measuring 4.52 meters;
  • In Valle Castellana (TE) there is a chestnut tree of even 12.23 meters!