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Il Fagiolo Tondino del Tavo

The Tavo river rises on the Gran Sasso and gives its name to the small legume cultivated with care and dedication in the area located along the valley in which it flows, the Fagiolo Tondino del Tavo. Considered a "social" product, the wealth of an entire community, it is enclosed in an elongated pod that can contain up to eight seeds. Fagiolo Tondino is a unique legume with very ancient origins that for a long time has disappeared, giving way to the typical Fagiolo Borlotto, which is cheaper and grows quickly. After years in which what was historically and popularly called “fasciule a bucielle” for its resemblance to the small, round peas has disappeared from the scenes, a long and careful research has brought back to the tables of Abruzzo's lost treasure. A magic bean with high nutritional properties has been saved, with a very thin skin that allows it to be cooked quickly and easily digestible. The delicate and fragrant Fagiolo tondino del Tavo is the symbol of an entire community. Its consumption is mostly in the dry state, alone and more often in combination with other soups. There is no lack of consumption in the fresh state in which, after harvesting, the pods are shelled and the fruit, in the waxy state, is kept in the fridge and used as food during the winter. It is a unique product, pure and ancient, fragrant and with a delicate flavour, considered by farmers to be the pivot on which to rebuild a good part of the economy of an entire community, which wants to highlight its preciousness and distinguish it from imitations.

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