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The Lavino and its crystalline springs

The protected area of ​​the Parco del Lavino takes its name from the naturalistic element that most characterizes it, that is the sulphurous waters of the river of the same name in which dissolved sulphates are present that confer to the ponds, to the spring springs and to the streams their characteristic and evocative azure-turquoise color. The Park is located in Scafa, in the hamlet of Decontra and the path starts directly from the Provincial road: to signal the beginning there is a wrought iron arch with the inscription "Parco del Lavino". It runs partly on a cycle path and partly on a path and is bordered by massive wooden fences. After 150 m, you turn left near a flyover and you reach a picnic area with adjoining playground. A sensorial impact hits the visitor: the crystalline water takes on different colors and the smell is captured by the pungent smell of sulfur. From the picnic area, go along the watercourse to the left, cross the bridge and go straight for about 200 m on a visible track. Then you retrace your steps for 150 meters, then turn right. The path also delimited by yellow colored stones leads us to observe some buildings that testify to the exploitation of the Lavino water resources, like the ancient Farnese mill dating back to 1600. From the mill you continue for about 100 m and then turn left along the bike path shaded by fig trees, hazelnuts and plums, to the starting point.


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