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Village of traditions, good food, monuments, museums but above all uncontaminated nature, Morino offers many reasons to go and discover it. The heart of this country, however, is linked to its landscape: in fact, the village lies at the gates of the Zompo lo Schioppo Nature Reserve. Among beech and chestnut woods, peaks and streams, the reserve is a green oasis of immense beauty and its heart, the show that most fascinates, is its waterfall that, starting from a karst spring on the top of the mountains , falls for 80 meters creating the highest natural jump of the Apennines. And underground the show continues among caves, wells and sinkholes. In the reserve it is possible to follow different paths and visit an ecomuseum, a multimedia center to get to know the territory and to raise awareness on the theme of environmental protection.

L.T. - 23/04/2020
immagine di Marica Massaro - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67050

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 443m


41.8473872, 13.4396172

The Museum documents, through dioramas but also interactive games, the natural environments of the Natural Reserve in which it is located (including the beechwood, which is also the subject of an environmental conservation program) and the traditional crafts of the place.

The Zompo Lo Schioppo Nature Reserve is located in the heart of the Apennines almost as a junction between the Simbruini mountains, the Cantari and the Ernici mountains in the Valle Roveto. The area that falls within the territory of the Municipality of Morino takes its name from the waterfall "Zompo lo Schioppo" whose water precipitates, in a marvelous scenery, from a very steep limestone wall

The waterfall has a curious name “Zompo lo Schioppo” and is located in the Roveto Valley at the border with Lazio. The unusual name of this spectacular waterfall comes from the dialectal word “zompo” that means “water drop”. The waterfall comes down from the Cantari Mountain’s top near the village of Morino. The name is not the only surprising aspect of this natural wonder.