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The many small Italian municipalities that have given birth to this Association and of which they are the protagonists are opening up to a larger and better known Italy.

Reality often little known and yet rich in history, full of culture, authentic traditions of the places. 

The passion and conviction of being able to create with their resources growth and sustainable development push these communities to actively engage in making their villages live and spread knowledge of them as "authentic"holiday destinations.  

Italy is scattered with many small towns whose voice often remains unheard of. 

A part of that hidden Italy, therefore, to be discovered. An opportunity for a quiet holiday, in search of the past, the true colour and scent of things, the flavour and taste of local products.

Places that seem to emerge from a book of fairy tales, the villages of Abruzzo that have become part of this Association. 

A reality that contributes to make even more interesting, varied and unique the "destination Abruzzo", as a place of holiday in every season. 

Small clinging communities where the Apennines fly higher, among natural parks or along green valleys, among vineyards and olive groves on the hills and plains that anticipate the sea. A destination to live a different experience, in contact with a healthy natural environment, guests of accommodation facilities spread throughout the territory and in the historic centre of the villages, often derived from ancient houses of typical architecture, properly restored preserving the original characteristics, and equipped with every comfort. 

Already known villages and other lesser known, all able to arouse curiosity, wonder to exercise charm and revive the time spent. 

Like those fairy-tale stories that grandmothers once told their grandchildren with a mixture of sweetness and mystery, and the little ones were listening to them with their mouth ajar. 

Aielli (AQ), Archi (CH), Barrea (AQ), Campo di Giove (AQ),Calascio (AQ), Capistrello (AQ), Cappadocia (AQ), Cappelle sul Tavo (PE)Carsoli (AQ), Castel di Ieri (AQ), Castelvecchio Calvisio (AQ), Castelvecchio Subequo (AQ), Cerchio (AQ) , Civitella Roveto (AQ), Collarmele (AQ), Fara San Martino (CH), Goriano Sicoli (AQ), Lettopalena (CH), Magliano dei Marsi (AQ), Montazzoli (CH), Monteferrante (CH),  Montepagano frazione del Comune di Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), Morino(AQ), Moscufo (PE), Perano (CH), Pereto (AQ), Pescina (AQ),  Rocca di Botte (AQ), Sante Marie (AQ), San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore (PE), Silvi (TE) Scontrone (AQ), Scurcola Marsicana(AQ).