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Muraglia Megalitica dei Paladini

On the slight slope at the edge of the hill the remains of the early medieval settlement are present, and extend over an area of ​​about 35,000 square meters.

The ancient "vicus" is articulated on a series of terraces, and presents settlement units of various sizes and types.

The origin of the settlement dates back to about the 3rd century BC and there are some remains dating back to the VI century AD

The life of this "vicus" can be explained by its geographical position, which has been crossed, since ancient times, by the ancient route that linked the "Safini" of Abruzzo in Teramo with the "Sabini" of Lazio through the Passo delle Capannelle.

To the north of the Italic settlement are the remains of the small parish church of San Martino Campanea, of early medieval origins that testifies to the topographical continuity of the places dedicated to the cult.

From the Costa della Rocca up to Piano Vomano, on a thousand-year road, "La Tornara", you can see extraordinary archaeological sites, such as those of Colle del Vento and Colle Santa Lucia, which still retain the remains of a Neolithic village of over four thousand years ago ...

On the highest part (Colle del Vento) copious remains of a Roman temple and on both sides the ruins of two terracing walls made of large blocks of sandstone.