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Museo To Ke Di Santini E Arte Contemporanea - Bellante(te)

The TO KE Museum, located in the heart of the medieval village of Ripattoni (TE), preserves a conspicuous heritage of works of modern art and modern mosaics made with the ancient technique of manual cutting. In the various rooms, the TO KE Museum houses 130 mosaics and 300 oils on canvas among materials, abstracts, landscapes, sacred art, watercolors, graphics and some sculptures, all made by the artist TO KE that enrich what is already visible in the building, a multi-storey structure decorated both inside and outside by coatings of colored ceramics that stand out from the facades to the boundary wall, not to mention stairs, furniture and other objects of daily life.

Even the inner garden offers walls, mosaic walls and walls, benches, pots and pans, pillars, streets all covered with thousands of fragmented pottery to the admiration of visitors.

Largo dell'emigrante - Ripattoni di bellante BELLANTE

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