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Museum of Ancient Trades - Guilmi (ch)

The continuous search for its cultural roots has favoured the creation of a small but rich museum of ancient trades in Guilmi, a small town in the Vasto hinterland. The museum wants to tell the story of how the Guilmesi lived in the past, a story told through real objects that seem to have come out of books of ancient history. The objects on display in the permanent exhibition all come from the families of Guilm. The ambitious aim of the Museum is to preserve traditions as cultural roots of the territory, enhance them and make them known especially to young people. 
The museum is housed on the ground floor of an ancient building, recently renovated, in Via Torrione n. 11. The objects in the exhibition, divided into various categories of trades, are named in the Guilmese dialect and their use is indicated for each.  There are tools for the care of the livestock and the stable, for the processing of the famous ventricina of Guilmi, for the processing of wool and hemp, and also household items, furnishings and more.
Admission is free.
To book a visit you can call 0872 869146 or send an e-mail to


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