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Museum of Chamois - Farindola (PE)

The structure hosts an interactive museum on Abruzzo Chamois. Didactic-informative panels illustrate the vicissitudes of the animal, which disappeared from Gran Sasso over 100 years ago, and document the phases of the reintroduction project. The complex operation that has brought back the splendid ungulate on the mountains of the Park has been strengthened by the creation of the faunal area, next to the Golden Calf Falls, of about four hectares that houses several specimens.
The exhibition in the Museum is unique in Europe for the theme and for its original internal organization, with areas for games and sensory experiences that extend from the Museum to the mountains, to the Wildlife Area and the nature trail accessible to students for unforgettable days in nature, in which the animal symbol of the Park accompanies them to discover the mountain environments. The activities of the Museum promote the visit to the village of Farindola, which is the gateway to the mountain from the Vestino side, along the paths of the area and, close to the mountain, in the locality of Rigopiano.

Via San Rocco, Farindola (PE)

085 823133

42.4458391, 13.8229696