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Museum of Holy Art - Torano Nuovo (TE)

Adjoining the Church of Our Lady of Grace, the museum exhibits what has been jealously guarded over the centuries by the Toranese. The museum aims to promote and recover timeless values: faith, institutions, culture, art and traditions. The collection of works of art, including sacrificial furnishings and jewelry owned by the local church, testifies to the faith of the small community of Turin over the centuries from '400 to the present day. Display of sacred furniture dating from the fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth century including a cross astile, various chalices, monstrance, all silver and votive offerings of considerable historical and artistic interest.

Admission by reservation with free offer - For further information Associazione Culturale Ars Vivendi - 0861.82014

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Via Regina Margherita 64010 Torano Nuovo, (TE)

42.823056, 13.7773546