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Museum of the peasant civilization- Collelongo (Aq)

From Palazzo Botticelli, home of the Collelongo Civic Archaeological Museum, starts the museum path of the peasant civilization and of the work of the mountains of Abruzzo that winds through the narrow streets of the historic center.
The objects displayed in the museum-itinerary, which in their refinement are in themselves true works of art, are shown in a catalog and enriched with correct and detailed captions. The expectation is to revive in many people memories, emotions and situations experienced, but above all to make the youngest discover a world that seems far away in time whose knowledge is precious to understand the present and better plan the future, using the side menu you will know the names and uses of many objects that belonged to our recent history, as well as, you can deepen the knowledge of the uses and customs of a community such as that of Collelongo.

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