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Museum of Peasant Civilization - Pratola Peligna (AQ)

The Museum has two floors: the three well-preserved millstones are naturally located on the ground floor and require an intervention for the reconstitution of the hoppers: around the millstones, the various objects necessary for the processing of wheat and maize, for weighing and other uses. At the beginning of the staircase, two old school desks with their original pens and squids are on display; the diary of a young girl from the years of the last war deserves special consideration for the genuineness and candor with which the feelings are expressed. Think: <<Today is snowfall, but I can not go out because I do not have the shoes>>! On the first floor were reconstructed several typical environments of rural civilization: the night area, with the warmer of yesteryear, the deck bed, a beautiful loom, the kitchenette and, finally, a room dedicated to the classic, typical product of our agricultural economy: wine, with all the necessary tools for all cellar operations.


Via Trieste, Pratola Peligna (AQ)

0864 274743 - 340 2966309


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