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Museum of the Sea - Pescara

The first nucleus of the Museum of the Sea was born more than fifty years ago thanks to the work of Guglielmo Pepe, then director of the Fish Market in Pescara. The collection has been gradually enriched in the conservation of a large number of fish specimens, shells, fossils and fishing gear, up to constitute a rich and interesting collection since 1949.
In 1981, after a long period of closure, the collection became a Civic Museum and was reopened to the public, subsequently acquiring significant findings, including a conspicuous collection of Mediterranean cetacean skeletons, including a specimen of sperm whale and a whale common. On 6 April 2008, the collection was hosted in the Section for Protected Marine Animals "Carmine Di Silvestro" in the premises on the top floor of the Wholesale Fish Market.
With the new name of Museo del Mare the structure will soon have its definitive structure.
Articulated in completely redeveloped exhibition routes, it will soon be housed in a new and larger building adjacent to the original one, the former "U. Di Marzio" Institute, currently undergoing renovation.

Lungofiume Paolucci, 65121 Pescara

085 4283927

42.4661794, 14.2210762