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Mutignano - Pineto (TE)

Mutignano, part of the municipality of Pineto, is a very interesting village from the historical point of view as it is the first settlement of today's city. The small medieval village develops along a ridge around a main road with side branches of numerous and characteristic alleys. The urban fabric, mostly nineteenth-century and modern, all around is affected by the gullies, the magical phenomenon of erosion of the soil produced by the run-off of the waters on clayey rocks, where two million years ago there were sea bottoms today covered with scarce vegetation but rich in fossils.The village preserves an architectural and artistic heritage of recognized value, among which the medieval church of the patron San Silvestro Papa stands out, which houses a valuable triptych by the painter Andrea de Litio. Also worthy of note are the Auditorium di Sant'Antonio and the Greek cross church of Santa Maria della Consolazione dating back to 1408.
The village is then characterized by the presence of several murals representing scenes of everyday life, paintings on some facades overlooking the streets and main squares.
During the year there are several cultural and sporting events organized by local associations to satisfy young and old.

Provincia: Teramo

CAP: 64025

Prefisso: 085

Altitudine: 321m


42.5893197, 14.0380303

The Museum is located in a complex of eighteenth-century buildings and consists of three rooms: the first is a tribute to the figure and work of Ing. Vincenzo Rosati, director of the ancient School of Arts and Crafts of the Orphanage of Atri and houses numerous archaeological finds recovered by the eminent scholar atriano.

The last museum to be built in Atri in recent years is the "Antonio di Jorio" Museum Archive, opened in 1996. It is located in the hall of the Municipal Theatre and was named after one of the most illustrious musicians of Abruzzo in the twentieth century.