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Natural History Museum - Sulmona (AQ)

The Natural History Museum of Sulmona offers an entomological collection dedicated to local insects. There are about 7000 specimens, among them extraordinary in size, such as the Saturnia of the pear tree, the largest butterfly in Europe, or for mimicry phenomena, such as the Insetto stick and the oak leaf bombice. This section offers an exceptionally complete view of the fascinating and mysterious world of insects. A universe that includes more than 900,000 species worldwide, or 80% of all living beings on this planet. For the variety and rarity of the orders present, the selection is unique in its kind throughout the country, so as to make it a must for enthusiasts and scholars. To this is added a collection of minerals consisting of 1150 samples, from all over the world and representative of 527 species. The collection strikes for the variety of minerals, represented with rare and sometimes unique samples like the crystals of Alunite della Tolfa, and captivates for the beauty of the colors and gradations. The primary objective of the Museum is to bring young people closer to observing the naturalistic reality, in the belief that they can contribute to knowledge and therefore to respect for nature and the environment. The insect collection is accompanied by essential information on entomology and drawings of fine workmanship, displayed in educational tables that illustrate the biological cycles and morphological characteristics of some of the orders, families and species preserved in the Museum.

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