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Santuario Del Miracolo Eucaristico - Lanciano (CH)

The Church of San Francesco, in the center of Lanciano, was built in 1258 in the Burgundian-Romanesque style on the site of the Church of San Legonziano (VII / VIII century); it was rebuilt in baroque style around the middle of the 18th century. Today, after the restoration in 2000, it presents itself with its solemn eighteenth-century configuration. The facade is rectangular with squared stones; the bell tower, the oldest in the city, is 31 meters high.

Santuario Beato Nunzio Sulprizio - Pescosansonesco (PE)

On the slopes of Mount Picca there is the charming village of Pescosansonesco, where the Sanctuary dedicated to the Blessed Nunzio was built, a boy born of a humble family in 1817; Being an orphan, he was raised by his grandmother, then by an uncle, despite being well built, led him to the hard work as a blacksmith. Because of the privations and ill-treatment, the boy, injured in an ankle, became ill with bone decay and soon an incurable wound covered his foot.

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