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Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna - Pescara

The museum of modern art "Vittoria Colonna" in Pescara, inaugurated with the exhibition dedicated to Chagall, is housed in an architectural complex originally designed by the architect Eugenio Montuori in the 50s, and now completely renovated and technologically adapted to the new exhibition functions by the architect Gaetano Colleluori. The museum, located in the green area of Piazza I Maggio, is proposed as an exhibition center and the main place of cultural and tourist attraction.

Museum of Art "Costantino Barbella" - Chieti

The museum is housed in the Martinetti-Bianchi building and is named after Costantino Barbella, a 19th century theatine sculptor. The museum exhibits paintings and sculptures that cover a period of time ranging from the fourteenth century to the present day. The exhibition follows chronological criteria and is divided into three sections: ancient art, modern art and finally contemporary art.

Civic Museum - Cerchio (AQ)

The important cultural institution was born as Museum of Sacred Art in fact, in it, have merged all the abandoned finds in the attics of the sacristies and churches of St. John and Paul Martyrs and Our Lady of Grace being part of the artistic-devotional dowry of the ancient churches of Cerchio: first of all the ancient church matrix S. Maria dell'Annunziata vulgarly called within the walls.  On August 26, 1990 it was expanded with the sections Ethnographic and Peasant Civilization and Crafts.

Aufidenate Civic Museum - Castel di Sangro (AQ)

The establishment of the Aufidenate Civic Museum dates back to 1898. The first site housed the archaeological material that had been found in the municipal area and its surroundings. In the first half of the twentieth century, the Museum documented the Sannita and Roman civilizations that took place in Alto Sangro. The cataloging of the material made at the time by the historians Vincenzo Balzano and Antonio De Nino allowed a reconstruction of the museum, even if some of the finds were lost due to W

Civic Museum "Porta Della Terra" - San Salvo (CH)

The Civic Museum "Gate of the Earth" collects finds coming from the territory of San Salvo and in particular from the area of the Quadrilateral, object of archaeological investigations since 1997.

Civic Museum "Cardinale Mazzarino" - Pescina (AQ)

Next to the remains of the home of Cardinal Mazzarino, born on 14.07.1602 and died on 9.03.1661, was established in 1970 a House Museum whose rooms display, in addition to documents and books of various kinds relating to the life of the Cardinal, also prints, tapestries and models. Each visitor is given an illustrative brochure containing the most significant data of the life of the cardinal, you can also read the bibliographic material, which consists of books and brochures "Mazzariniani" (works of the Cardinal, Biographies, historical essays, etc.).

Civic Museum "Basilio Cascella" - Pescara

In 1895 the City Administration donated to the artist Basilio Cascella an extensive plot of land, which became the school of graphic design forge of many artists. This school soon became a circle of artists of national and international fame, such as D'Annunzio, Pirandello, Grazia Deledda, Ada Negri, Guido Gozzano, Umberto Saba, Salvatore Di Giacomo, Beltramelli, Vincenzo Bucci, Antonio De Nino, Marrone, Luigi Antonelli, Cerasoli, Gennaro Finamore, Marino Moretti, Clemente Rebora, Arturo Onofri, Corrado Govoni, Federigo Tozzi, Goffredo Bellonci, F.T.

Archaeological Civic Museum "Antonio De Nino" - Alfedena (AQ)

The Museum houses the famous collections from the sanctuaries and the Samnite necropolis of Alfedena. The museum complex, which has a space of about 1,000 square meters, also serves as a cultural laboratory and the cultural association of Chieti "OltreMuseo", responsible for the management of the structure, offers the organization of temporary exhibitions, meetings with authors and presentations of events. And these days have been organized educational activities that involved children with guided tours and experiences of construction in the laboratory.

The Museum "Birthplace of Gabriele d'Annunzio'' - Pescara

The Museum and Documentation Centre of the Franciscan Order in Abruzzo and Molise (Order of Friars Minor Conventual) is located in the fortress of the Castle of Monteodorisio (intended as an ancient village surrounded by walls) dating back to the 11th century. rebuilt in the fifteenth century. and adapted to stately residence in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

Museo Capitolare di Atri - (TE)

The Chapter Museum of Atri was established in 1912 with works from the Cathedral and other churches in the city. Completely renovated in the 60s, the structure of the Museum is now divided into ten rooms, arranged around the upper order of the Cloister of the Cathedral, brick construction on two levels erected in the early '200.

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