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Cathedral Museum - Guardiagrele (CH)

The "Don Domenico Grossi" Museum exhibits a precious collection of objects of sacred art and jewellery. It is housed in the premises of the medieval crypt and, in three rooms, collects the most important pieces from the cathedral from other city churches. The works on display range from the fourteenth century to 1700.

Transhumance and Costume Museum - Sulmona (AQ)

The Abruzzese - Molise and Transhumance and Costume Museum preserves numerous testimonies of Abruzzo popular culture, with particular attention to traditional clothing. In fact, various 19th century female dresses are on display, complete with accessories from Scanno, Sulmona, Pettorano, Introdacqua, etc. A collection of hundreds of period prints, some of which can be seen here, complete the documentation. Finally, of importance is a large nativity scene of remarkable quality created by Enzo Mosca from Sulmona.

Cinema and Audiovisual Museum MEDIAMUSEUM - Pescara

The MediaMuseum is not simply a collection of memory finds, but a highly suggestive multimedia place, able to link the past and present with the future of the audiovisual image. It is therefore a pulsating centre of activity and a living Museum, a place of multimedia confrontation between the interpretation and the seduction of the show, between active knowledge and the passions of the cinematographic, theatrical and television imagery.

Museum of Chamois - Farindola (PE)

The structure hosts an interactive museum on Abruzzo Chamois. Didactic-informative panels illustrate the vicissitudes of the animal, which disappeared from Gran Sasso over 100 years ago, and document the phases of the reintroduction project. The complex operation that has brought back the splendid ungulate on the mountains of the Park has been strengthened by the creation of the faunal area, next to the Golden Calf Falls, of about four hectares that houses several specimens.

Museum of Fossils and Ambers - San Valentino In Abruzzo Cit. (PE)

The museum is divided into two rooms and three sections: the paleontological room that includes the fossil section and the "man" section and the room of the ambers. the paleontological room, after an introductory part on the relationship man-fossil and on the slow affirmation of paleontology as science, offers a general picture of the birth and the evolution of the life in the sea, cradle primigenia of every organism. Several hundred fossils are on display, all original and belonging to the main animal and plant groups, illustrating the history of the last 500 million years of our planet.

Museum of Ancient Trades - Guilmi (ch)

The continuous search for its cultural roots has favoured the creation of a small but rich museum of ancient trades in Guilmi, a small town in the Vasto hinterland. The museum wants to tell the story of how the Guilmesi lived in the past, a story told through real objects that seem to have come out of books of ancient history. The objects on display in the permanent exhibition all come from the families of Guilm. The ambitious aim of the Museum is to preserve traditions as cultural roots of the territory, enhance them and make them known especially to young people. 

"Fortunato Bellonzi" Dante Museum - Torre de' Passeri (PE)

Entitled to the great historian Fortunato Bellonzi, the Museum that has its headquarters in the Castle of Torre dei Passeri, purchased by the Gizzi family in 1967 and renovated from the foundations, collects graphic and pictorial works illustrating the Divine Comedy, made by artists of the 1800s and 1900s both Italian and foreign. Since 1980, every year in autumn, exhibitions of the greatest interpreters of the Divine Comedy are held there, including Aligi Sassu, Amos Nattini, Giuseppe Banchieri, Giancarlo Ossola and many others.

Museum of Holy Art of Marsica - Celano (AQ)

The Museum of Sacred Art of Marsica, which is located in the castle Piccolomini of Celano, was created in collaboration with the Diocese of Mars, to exhibit, protect and enhance the artistic heritage of Marsica. The museum collection consists of works of art previously exhibited in the National Museum of L'Aquila and works from the Museum of Palazzo Venezia in Rome, where they had been transferred following the earthquake of 1915; the Museum also included those artistic goods that did not enjoy the necessary security measures in the churches in which they were housed.

Museum of Holy Art - Torano Nuovo (TE)

Adjoining the Church of Our Lady of Grace, the museum exhibits what has been jealously guarded over the centuries by the Toranese. The museum aims to promote and recover timeless values: faith, institutions, culture, art and traditions. The collection of works of art, including sacrificial furnishings and jewelry owned by the local church, testifies to the faith of the small community of Turin over the centuries from '400 to the present day.

Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna - Pescara

The museum of modern art "Vittoria Colonna" in Pescara, inaugurated with the exhibition dedicated to Chagall, is housed in an architectural complex originally designed by the architect Eugenio Montuori in the 50s, and now completely renovated and technologically adapted to the new exhibition functions by the architect Gaetano Colleluori. The museum, located in the green area of Piazza I Maggio, is proposed as an exhibition center and the main place of cultural and tourist attraction.

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