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San Giovanni waterfalls - Guardiagrele (CH)

The San Giovanni waterfalls are located on the slope of the Majella National Park, not far from Guardiagrele, one of the “Borghi più belli d’Italia-Most beautiful villages in Italy”.

The Hermit's Cave - Farindola (PE)

The Grotta dell'Eremita - Hermit's Cave - is located in the municipality of Farindola on a steep slope above Valle d'Angri, under the Valichetto dei Paponi from where the path to reach it starts.

It is located at an altitude of about 1300 metres above sea level, made up of limestone rocks from which small stalactites and a few whitish stalagmites protrude. A very suggestive place, despite its depth of about 20 meters.

Pietranzoni lake in Campo Imperatore - L'Aquila

The Campo Imperatore plain enshrines small bodies of natural water of karst and glacial origin. Some of them are perennial, others instead have a rather limited life, connected to the melting period of the snowpack. Among these lakes, perhaps the most famous - doubtless the most photographed one - is Lake Pietranzoni, an example of the marvels of Abruzzo in the heart of the region itself. A kind of “Gran Sasso mirror”: that’s what the fantastic Lake looks like, at about 1,660 meters above sea level, thanks to its peculiarities.

spiaggia sabbia bianca san salvo
San Salvo
San Salvo (CH)

Where is: San Salvo, in province of Chieti, is the last town of Abruzzo coast and it is located at the border line with Molise region, towards the mouth of the Trigno river. It enjoys a location in 106 meters above sea level, about 5 km from the coast.

Roseto degli abruzzi
Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)

Where is: it is a municipality of the Teramo coast, it stretches north of Vomano river estuary. It can be reached through the Highway A14 exit Roseto degli Abruzzi. Its municipality area comes complete with the ancient hilly village of Montepagano from which you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from the Adriatic Sea to the Gran Sasso d’Italia.

Alba adriatica
Alba Adriatica

Where is: Alba Adriatica stands on the Adriatic coast, in province of Teramo, just a few kilometers from the border with Marche region. It can be reached by the highway A14, in close proximity of the exit Val Vibrata.

Redazione Abruzzo Turismo

Crossed by the river of the same name, Pescara is a modern city bordering the Adriatic Sea. It arises from the union (in 1927) of two towns (Castellammare Adriatico and Pescara), formerly located on the opposite banks of a river.

A dynamic and contemporary city, Pescara is the reference point for commerce and services in Abruzzo. Moreover, its broad and equipped coast has numerous bathing establishments and restaurants by the sea and a long cycle path. But Pescara is very popular, not only during the summer season.

Campo Imperatore plateau

Campo Imperatore Plateau lies at an altitude that ranges from 1500 to 1900 meters, in the middle of the Gran Sasso D'Italia. It extends for more than 25 km, has a maximum width of 8 km and is part of the Gran Sasso Monti della Laga National Park. The plateau is also known as the “little Tibet” of Abruzzo and is interesting for the flora and the fauna variety and even for geological and geomorphological aspects. You can get there from Assergi or crossing Fossa di Paganica, or from the medieval village Castel del Monte crossing Capo la Serra, or going through Farindola crossing Vado di Sole.

Five Miles Plateau

The “Cinque Miglia” plateau is the most extended and historically the most famous of the karst plateau system and is defined as the region of the major pleateau of Abruzzo. It extends for 9 km at an altitude that ranges from 1250 and 1280 meters, in the municipalities of Rocca Pia, Rivisondoli, Roccaraso, and between National Parks of Abruzzo and Majella. The ancient Abruzzo Route passes through it (today SS17): this was the main arterial road that connected the main cities in the North with the south of Italy.

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