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Oliva intosso di Casoli (Presidio Slow Food)

This variety was the fortune of the inhabitants of Casoli and its environs until the end of the Second World War. Today the market has been reduced by competition from table olives from other countries and most of the production is for oil without distinction of variety. The Slow Food Presidium wants to restore the right value to this production.
The name comes from the fact that, in order to be eaten, the olives had to be sweetened, or "ndosse", "cured in the ranno and then in pure water". They are elliptical in shape with a small apical relief and medium size. The intoxus plants are scattered here and there, but in particular they characterize the agricultural landscape of the Laroma plain, in the municipality of Casoli, an area with soils rich in calcareous gravel. Today an important part of the harvest is transformed into an excellent monovarietal oil: an intense green fruity of cut grass and artichokes. In the mouth it is powerful, with bitter and spicy in harmony, and notes of green pepper, fresh walnut and, in some cases, tomato leaf.

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