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Patata di Montagna del Medio Sangro

Commonly known as montagnola, the potato grown in the area of Medio Sangro, from which it takes its name, is produced mainly in the municipalities of Montenerodomo, Pizzoferrato, Gamberale and Civitaluparella, in the province of Chieti. It is historically considered a poor dish but has represented and still represents, for Abruzzo, a very important food resource, which has been part of Abruzzo's cultivation since about 1800. The area, in fact, is of a high hillside/mountain type and, because of its environmental and climatic characteristics, is suitable for the cultivation of this tuber. The high quality of the products has made it the undisputed protagonist of the Abruzzo rural tables and local gastronomy, a curious and all Abruzzo tradition sees it boiled and added to the dough of the bread which significantly lengthens the preservation and fragrance, giving the crumb a softness and a pleasant plasticity. Not only the taste and texture, but also the production techniques make them special. Middle Sangro potatoes are grown mainly using manual techniques, following the times and gestures dictated by nature. Sowing begins at the end of March on soil prepared in the summer. In the past, the potato montagnola was often added to make bread and polenta. Today it is still used in the preparation of frascarielli, a slow soup of flour, which was once prepared to increase the milk of women giving birth.

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