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Patata Turchesa (Presidio Slow Food)

This potato has been one of Abruzzo's crops since 1700. The name is reminiscent of maize, a product of exotic origins. It became an important food resource for Abruzzo and especially for Gran Sasso. It could be grown in significant quantities and could be easily preserved, consumed locally or traded with other products. In some towns of the L'Aquila mountain, over the centuries, underground environments and caves have been used to preserve the precious tuber. 
The turquoise potato, now a Slow Food Presidium, has an intense purple skin rich in antioxidants very useful in the fight against cancer. The dough is candid white in colour, has a low water content and medium consistency and graininess: characteristics that make it suitable for different uses and cooking. It is recognizable not only for its unmistakable color, but also for its irregular shape and numerous hollowed out eyes, a distinctive genetic sign of ancient varieties. Even the flowers are distinguished by the blue shades of the petals and their long persistence on the plant. 

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