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The name seems to derive from Pesculum Seroli. The entry Pesco (or Pesculum, Pesclum, Peschio) derives from the late Latin Pensulu, "protruding rock, at the peak, suitable for the construction of houses". The foundation is attributed to populations in the valley of the current Sulmona, which, detached from the original stock, settled on the hill called "Castel Mancino". The land of Pescasseroli belonged to the Counts of Celano then to the Di Sangro and the D'Aquino and, therefore, to the Marquises of Vasto. It was also a fief of Vittoria Colonna and Maria of Aragon. Pescasseroli lived the great epic of transhumance and was the starting point of one of the main tratturi: the Pescasseroli-Candela. It is the main center of the National Park of Abruzzo, of which it is the registered office, with the Offices of the Direction. It has a Visitor Center with a museum of natural history, a botanical garden and a wildlife garden. Located in the upper Valle del Sangro, surrounded by beautiful mountains and immense centuries-old woods of beeches, pines, firs, maples, oaks, in one of the most picturesque mountain areas of Italy for the wild beauty of the landscape and the extraordinary variety of flora and fauna, in a wide plain at 1167 m above sea level, with a dry and healthy climate, Pescasseroli is the ideal place for a summer holiday and for the practice of winter sports, but also for holidays in every period of the year. The park, with its wonderful seasons, the excellent tourist, accommodation, sports and pleasure equipment are a guarantee of this choice. Pescasseroli was the birthplace of the philosopher Benedetto Croce.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67032

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 1167m


41.8078509, 13.7887872

Born in 1922 and established by Royal Decree the following year, it is the oldest National Park in Italy. In it are concentrated almost all the characters that characterize the central Apennines, including elements of flora and fauna unique in the world or now disappeared in the rest of the chain.