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Among the highest municipalities in the province of Teramo, Pietracamela is the only one to have the entire territory included in the Gran Sasso Park - Monti della Laga. It rises to 1005 m of altitude at the foot of the Corno Piccolo of the Gran Sasso d'Italia. Most likely the first inhabitants of the place were from Brindisi or Puglia, in general shepherds or wool carders. From 1526 the historical events of the town were linked to those of the Sicilian Valley (Kingdom of Naples). Its original name is surely Petra deriving from the fact that the houses were built on huge boulders brought downstream from the melting of the glaciers of Campo Pericoli.  Entering the village you realize immediately that it is a really ancient mountain village, where many houses date back to 1400. To testify its remote origins are the urban structure and the architecture of the oldest houses. The village holds some singular monuments (Churches of San Giovanni and San Rocco, medieval houses, newsagents, icons, ancient Spanish inscriptions) and, out of doors, a monumental Mother Church, with rich furnishings and two beautiful silver crosses now kept inside the Apulian episcopium. At Prati di Tivo, among the beech forests of Aschiero and Mandorle and along the slopes of the Piccolo and Rio Arno horns, the most famous winter resort of the Gran Sasso d'Italia (1450-2000 m), with lifts and good hotel facilities. Prati di Tivo is a place that also offers numerous excursion opportunities for mountaineering lovers in the summer. The Municipality of Pietracamela has been proclaimed Borgo of the year 2007. The proclamation took place in Pescocostanzo, as part of the VII National Assembly of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". Pietracamela was admitted in October 2005, after a careful evaluation by the Central Commission, to be part of the club of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" or the list of the most interesting countries from a structural point of view, the conservation of the country, the setting and the historical value of the village.

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Provincia: Teramo

CAP: 64047

Prefisso: 0861

Altitudine: 1030


42.5233193, 13.553981