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Set on a rocky spur of the Majella, if we look at Pretoro from a distance we seem to see a village that is the continuation of the rock itself. Once reached, we enter the heart of the town and we find ourselves breathing the ancient atmosphere of this town built around 1600 after the destruction of the Castle of Pretoro, perched on the end of the rock and called "Castrum Pretorii de Theti". Here, between very narrow streets and intertwined with each other like a precious embroidery, we wander until we find ourselves before the majestic panorama that surrounds the village. Mountains and woods, also narrated in the "Centro San Domenico for the dissemination of cultural and natural aspects on the wolf, the snakes and the history of Pretoro". Finally, wood craftsmanship is characteristic, in particular for the production of spindles to work wool.

Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66010

Prefisso: 0871

Altitudine: 550


42.2192963, 14.1400684

The Museum of Ceramics of Rapino was founded in December 2003, with the intention of revaluing an ancient art that has carried the name of Rapino around the world, it is located in the ancient convent of San Antonio, an architectural complex dating back to 1645 and consists of different rooms, each characterized by works by different authors, eras and styles, among them, the Museum boasts the p

The hermitage of Sant'Onofrio is located a few km from the centre of Serramonacesca, in the Majella National Park, at about 725 meters above sea level.