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Pasticci di Rapino

Rapino Pastries


“Pasticci” are a typical pastry speciality of Rapino (a village in the foothills of the Majella Massif), traditionally served during ceremonies and holidays.
They resemble tartlets, similar to the Frentano “bocconotto”, and are made from superfine flour, egg yolk, sugar, butter and ammonia. These ingredients are mixed together to form a pastry used to line small aluminium moulds, to which  the  filling  is  subsequently  added.  The  filling  is  a  creamy  mixture made  from  milk,  plain  chocolate,  lemon,  chopped  toasted  almonds  and ground cinnamon, all cooked together.

The “pasticcio” is then baked at 180-200°C until cooked.

These pastries are now produced in very small quantities at home or by local bakers and small producers.

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