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The rite of Perdonanza

Every year on August 28th and 29th in L'Aquila the solemn ritual of Perdonanza is renewed, the perpetual plenary indulgence that Celestino V, the exact evening of his coronation as pontiff in 1924, granted to all the faithful of Christ. The celebration of the Forgiveness, later called "Perdonanza" represents the first jubilee to which the poor and the dispossessed could also access. It is of extraordinary importance not only for its spiritual aspect but also for its social and political value, as the parchment containing the text of the indulgence, the Bull, was delivered by the Pope to the city of L'Aquila, which became its custodian. The extraordinary importance of the ritual of Perdonanza of L'Aquila resides in the message of peace, solidarity and reconciliation that has been spreading among men for over 700 years. The Steering Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO in 2018 has decided the candidacy of the "Perdonanza Celestiniana" to the Intangible Heritage of Humanity

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