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The country, although with a recent expansion downstream, has remained over time substantially steeped on the rocky slopes of Mount Morrone west and has retained its characteristic as a lookout of the Conca Peligna. In fact, its position allows an almost total view over the whole valley below and the walls of the ancient castle that rose majestically to guard the north side of the Conca Peligna are still visible. The pre-Roman fortification of Colle delle Fate, an archaeological site of great importance, and numerous other finds in the territory, among which substantial remains of Roman walls, testify to a settlement and frequentation of the ancient man, especially in the highlands. Roccacasale is remembered in documents from the twelfth century but already previously it can be hypothesized that one or more small settlements survived the Late Antiquity, given the highly strategic position.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67030

Prefisso: 0864

Altitudine: 450m


42.1233099, 13.8882963

The Missionary Ethnographic Museum, set up thanks to the illustrious fellow citizen Father Salvatore Zavarella, who handed over important finds from every continent free of charge, was set up by the Municipality with the financial assistance of the local Cooperative Credit Bank.

The Archaeological Civic Museum "Antonio De Nino", opened in 2005 and housed in a seventeenth-century noble palace, in the medieval village of Corfinio, collects the numerous finds found in the excavation campaigns carried out in the territory of Corfinium, the ancient capital of the Italian Peoples.

All the mountainous and rural Abruzzo refers to his devotion to the Madonna della Libera, Protector of the Peligna Valley, whose cult developed around an image of the Virgin miraculously found in 1456 and attributed to the liberation of the territory from the plague.

It is the Celestinian hermitage best known for its spectacular position, perched on a huge rock face of Morrone, overlooking the Peligna Valley. Here Pietro Angelerio, future Pope Celestine V, spent much of his life.