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Santuario Romitorio di Maria Ss della Portella - Rivisondoli (AQ)

The Sanctuary preserves a miraculous image of the Madonna and Child (stone bas-relief). It was erected at the end of the 16th century in the place where, according to tradition, the effigy of the Virgin, transported from distant lands, became so heavy that it could no longer be removed.

Overlooking the Cinque Miglia plateau, this church was a destination for hermits who were isolated here to meditate and pray. It was built in 1589; it underwent renovations in 1875, when the roof collapsed, destroying the gilded ceiling and painted with biblical subjects: a partial reconstruction led to the creation of a barrel vault, in place of the previous wooden ceiling. The building has a longitudinal plan; on the main front there are three doors that lead to the guest house, the sacristy and the liturgical environment. The portal of the church presents two depictions of cherubs of Baroque art; the presbytery is raised and separated by a marble balustrade with ornaments of plaster angels. The altar, where the painting of the Madonna della Portella is placed, is a bas-relief with a wooden decoration. On one of the two shorter walls there is a balcony with a brickwork parapet of the '900 and a door that leads to what was once the loggia, near which there is the tombstone of a hermit. Every year, the first Tuesday after Pentecost, is celebrated in a very felt way by the whole population and neighbouring countries.

Strada della Portella - Rivisondoli (AQ)

41.8646955, 14.0495063

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