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Santuario Santa Maria dei Lumi - Civitella del Tronto (TE)

The sanctuary and the convent, built in 1466, stand on a hill in front of the village, a short distance from the road that leads to the center of Civitella. Their foundation is attributed to San Giacomo della Marca; their history is linked to that of the village, not only for religious and cultural aspects, but also for civil and military ones.

During each siege of Civitella, in fact, were the headquarters of the attackers or targets of counter-bombing from the Fortress. The complex has undergone numerous restorations and in 1960 it was almost totally reworked by extensions and plastering that removed the façade's aesthetic appeal. The church is preceded by a Romanesque portico with round arches, each on four octagonal pillars. The interior has a nineteenthcentury and modern appearance, with the only nave enlarged by a second one. In the High Altar there is a Madonna with Child, called Madonna dei Lumi: splendid polychrome wooden statue created by Giovanni di Biasuccio in 1489. There are also two sepulchral monuments on the left side of the building and frescoes by the painter Pauri di Grottammare in the presbytery, in the dome above the altar and in the upper part of the central nave. In the convent area remains the cloister with round arches supported by octagonal stone columns. Recent renovations have reemerged the ancient splendour. Every year on May 31, a torchlight procession is organised, to pay homage to the Madonna.

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