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Scanno is a show that begins before the boundaries of the village. The road that goes up to hairpin bends and leads to the village is splendid: the journey becomes an experience of beauty, while the gaze is lost in the landscape, on the Sagittario Reserve and on the lake, and then settle on the village and meet a place of magic and enchantment. Perched on a spur of rock, stands Scanno: the historic center is a tangle of narrow streets and old houses, beautiful fountains and squares, stately buildings and elegant and decorated portals, all harmoniously fused in a mild and relaxing atmosphere. Then there are the churches of the village, where you can still breathe the strong spirituality that has always pervaded these places, churches of dark stone, which contain small artistic treasures inside them.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67038

Prefisso: 0864

Altitudine: 1050m


41.8999822, 13.8841364