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From the sea to the mountains

A truly unforgettable experience the itinerary that leads from the sea to the mountains passing through some of the most beautiful towns and villages in Italy.

It starts from Roseto degli Abruzzi, center of the Teramo coast, between the resorts of Abruzzo richer in accommodation facilities and bathing establishments. The first stop is Giulianova, another marine center that combines the quiet atmosphere with the liveliness of the port, animated by the fleet of colorful fishing boats. After about 30 km, inside, we arrive at Teramo, an ancient pre-Roman city situated between two rivers from which the ancient name "interamnia" derives. The most important monument of the city is the Cathedral, with its Gothic portal. Not far from the cathedral there are the remains of the Amphitheater and the Roman Theater dating back to the III-IV century. Then continue towards the Gran Sasso d'Italia and arrive at Castelli, located at the foot of Monte Camicia, a small jewel set in the wild and beautiful surrounding nature, famous for being the cradle of a refined school in the production of artistic ceramics, famous all over the world.

Continuing on a panoramic road inside the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga Park, crossing beautiful woods, you find yourself on the Campo Imperatore plateau, located at almost 1800 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Gran Sasso massif, called "Little Tibet" because in summer the green pastures, full of flowers in spring, take on the appearance of real steppes.

Definitely worth visiting is Castel del Monte, a beautiful fortified village that is part of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Castel del Monte rises on top of a mountain, like many villages in Abruzzo and as a consequence of the upheaval that took place during the Middle Ages, when they preferred places difficult to access to escape the raids and dangers of invasion. The highest part of Castel del Monte is called Ricetto and was the place where the population took refuge in times of danger. The whole area of ​​Ricetto is surrounded by walls still visible in the northern part. The bell tower above them, was formerly a sighting tower that allowed greater control of the plain below. Still further on we meet Calascio, a village perched at the foot of an imposing castle and the fascinating Rocca di Calascio, almost completely uninhabited, accessible on foot. At the edge of the ancient village stands the solitary and elegant Renaissance church with an octagonal base dedicated to the Madonna della Pietà, built according to tradition on an existing votive shrine. Definitely worth a visit is the charming village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, a very characteristic architectural complex, a medieval jewel set in a lush and suggestive naturalistic landscape, owned by the Medici family, which houses the Medicean tower in the square.

Fossa is just a few kilometers away, a small town with a very interesting archaeological area. It is one of the oldest iron age necropolises in our region. A visit deserves the church of Santa Maria in Criptas of the twelfth century.

Not far away is Rocca di Mezzo, a medieval village located in the heart of the Rocche plateau, a popular summer and winter tourist resort thanks to the proximity of Campo Felice, a famous ski resort and base for many excursions on foot.

About 10 km from Rocca di Mezzo, the last stop on this trip is Ovindoli, a winter and summer resort with excellent ski slopes on Mount Magnola. Practical in: Autumn Spring Summer

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