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"Stauros" Museum - Isola del Gran Sasso d'Italia (TE)

The Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art is located inside the new San Gabriele Sanctuary and boasts a collection of works of great cultural importance. The Museum has three collections located in three rooms: one on the first floor (above the Penitentiary) of 300 square meters. exhibition, a second in the basement of 715 square meters., a third in a room of 100 square meters., on the floor of the hall of the new church, which houses the artistic cycle of 25 works by Abruzzo artist Marcello Mondazzi on San Paolo della Croce.
On the whole, the Staurós Museum exhibits a collection of great cultural importance, thanks both to the quality and consistency of the works in the Fieschi Collection and to the vast documentation on contemporary sacred art.

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