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Taijarille fasciule e coteche

Taijarille pasta with beans and pork rind


A traditional recipe born of the extensive consumption of legumes in the past, typified by a high energy content, justified as they were usually the main meal of the day.
Handmade pasta is made from just water and flour (usually soft wheat), rolled out to medium thickness and then cut (hence its name, derived from the verb “to cut” in local dialect) into narrow strips whose size varies from family to family or area to area, but is generally 1cm in width and 8-10 cm in length.
The pasta is dressed with a sauté of parsley, lard, tomatoes, celery, garlic, oregano and onion, cooked in extra virgin olive oil, with strips of pork rind.
The sautéed mixture is added to the water where the beans (part of which are mashed to puree) were cooked and which will require soaking overnight before cooking. It will take just two minutes to cook the “taijarille”, either on
their own or with the beans.

When cooked, grated Parmesan or Abruzzo Pecorino and spicy chilli pepper are added. Products such as beans and pork rind have always been combined to accompany homemade pasta – in this case “li taijarille” – during the winter or early spring in the Vestino  area  of  the  Province  of Pescara, although the custom is actually  widespread
throughout the region.

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