Tempio italico di Castel di Ieri

Tempio Italico di Castel Di Ieri (Aq)

The archaeological site, excavated starting from 1987, hosts a well-preserved temple (temple A).
The temple was presumably built in the II century b.C., on a preexisting construction in raw earth, The building is Italic st/le and presents a pronaos and a cell, divided in three equal areas, probably intended for fhe veneration of three different gods. The floor is a mosaic and in the central cell there is an inscription,
Various artefacts were found, including fragments of a large white marble statue, possibly Jupiter, and a stone lion, thought to be associated with the Cybele's cult.
During the works for the construction of tre structure that contains the monument, still visible today, in 1997 another building's wall was discovered, called temple B. This temple had a central cell and was dated to the Roman medium-Republican era. Temple B probably suffered a work of demolition and some kind of levelling in favour of the construction of the temple A.
Another discovery in recent years has found, in addition, a necropolis dated back to fhe VIII century b,C. The grave goods found inside the circular burials, consisting of fibulas, bracelets and amphorae, indicates this area might belong to noble families.

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