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Tordino River

The River Tordino was born at 2000 meters above sea level between the Gorzano Mountains (2458 meters asl) and Pelone (2259 meters asl), which belong to the Monti della Laga chain. It flows entirely in the territory of the province of Teramo and flows into the Adriatic Sea after a journey of about 50 kilometers. Its catchment area covers a total area of 450 square kilometers. In the first part of the route the Tordino is characterized by a torrential type regime; it heads towards the east and, near the town of Macchiatornella, it makes a big arch towards the north, thus bypassing the Bilanciere mountain range, to then continue its course with minor slopes and a larger river bed. Like many rivers that flow into the middle and lower Adriatic side, its route is short and perpendicular to the mountain range of origin.