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Torricella Peligna

Distance from the capital (Chieti) 57 km, is a very popular location for the location (it is located at 901 meters above sea level) and for the wide panorama that ranges from the Majella to the Adriatic Sea. It rises on a territory of high hill, between the valleys of the rivers Sangro and the Aventino. Italic burials, come to light in the surrounding countryside, and the discovery of the tomb of a warrior with its trousseau (kept at the National Archaeological Museum of Chieti) dating back to the sixth century. BC, they suggest a frequency of the territory already in the protohistoric period. The origins of the village are connected to the exodus of a part of the population of the ancient Juvanum, a Frentan city that had importance since the Samnite wars. The name of medieval origin derives from the unification of Turris and Cella which indicated a small rural church with its agricultural company. Certain news, however, are from the twelfth century. It belonged to the Orsini family, counts of Manoppello and in the 18th century the Marquises Celaia of Chieti. To visit the sanctuary of the Madonna del Roseto, the church of San Giacomo Apostolo, the archaeological area Juvanum. The town houses the Territorial Museum, with an interesting collection of archaeological finds discovered in the municipal area near the area of Juvanum. Inside the museum is exposed in an air-conditioned glass case, an eighteenth-century mummy came to light during the restoration of the parish church. Torricella Peligna has accommodation and catering facilities. It is a starting point for excursions in the territory of the Majella Park and in the localities of the Major Highlands.



Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66019

Prefisso: 0872

Altitudine: 901m


42.0237281, 14.2602515