Trabocco del Turchino

The Trabocco del Turchino candidate for "I Luoghi del Cuore" 2018, census issued by FAI


The historic site of Abruzzo is in the census list for the enhancement of the Italian historical heritage. Located in San Vito Chietino in Abruzzo, the “Trabocco del Turchino” is in the provisional ranking of the ninth edition of the national census "I Luoghi del Cuore" (Places in the heart), the campaign launched in 2003 by FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty) to promote and enhance the historical, artistic heritage and Italian culture. The candidacy for "I Luoghi del cuore 2018" is a precious opportunity to obtain an international recognition for a real symbol of the culture and tradition of the Abruzzo region and especially of the coast known as “Costa dei Trabocchi”, in the province of Chieti.

This ancient wooden fishing machine is an important site linked to the national identity and the Italian memory as well as the other "Luoghi del cuore" on the census list. For this reason it needs protection and enhancement measures. Even the famous writer Gabriele D'Annunzio was attracted by this peculiarity to such an extent that he described “Trabocchi” minutely in his masterpiece "Triumph of death" defining these mechanism as a "strange piscatory machine similar to a colossal spider".

The “Trabocco del Turchino” takes its name from the promontory of Capo Turchino, the small ledge on which it is located and it is considered one of the most beautiful Trabocco on the coast of San Vito. The Abruzzi coast owes its charm to the presence of these ancient wooden structures, reachable through a gangway suspended over the sea, besides the beautiful sea and its sandy shores, pebble beaches and high cliffs. It is therefore essential to preserve the wooden structure of the Trabocco and the surrounding environment, especially the beach of San Vito Marina and the slope between the beach and the road above, acting as the entrance to the Trabocco.

According to the provisional list, the “Trabocco del Turchino” is currently in the fifth place preceded by the Oreto River in Palermo, the Ancient Porretta Thermal Baths in Bologna, the Bosco ai Prati di Caprara in Bologna and the Aragonese Castle of Taranto. The winners – first three classified – will receive a sum of 50,000; 40,000 and 30,000 euros, respectively, to be used for a direct intervention on the basis of specific projects. Moreover, according to the guidelines that will be disseminated following the announcement of the final ranking, the candidates who receive at least 2000 votes can submit a request for a special intervention financed by the FAI and Intesa San Paolo, partner of the initiative.

The census carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 is constantly evolving and the vote will remain open until November 30, 2018 on the official FAI website To vote, just click on this page