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Trabocco Punta Le Morge (Torino di Sangro)


The “Costa dei Trabocchi” – so called for the presence of numerous “Trabocchi” – is constituted by about 60 Km of shoreline, famous throughout Italy for its naturalistic beauty and for its heterogeneity, due to the presence of low and sandy beaches, stretches of cobblestones as well as high and rocky cliff. The countries that compose this coast are: Francavilla al Mare, Ortona, San Vito Chetino, Rocca San Giovanni, Fossacesia, Torino di Sangro, Casalbordino, Vasto, San Salvo.

Along this stretch of coast, “Trabocchi” are totally fixed in the water, connected to the mainland by means of a more or less stable gangways placed transversely to the coast. Starting from the gangway, many wooden arms (spars) made up of “antennas” and “little antennas” stretch towards the sea, functioning as a support for the four corners of the large net (scale) that is lowered and hoisted with the help of a large fixed winch fixed in the center of the platform. On this platform, there is a wooden cabin acting as a refuge for people in the event of a storm and as a warehouse where all the equipment can be stored.

In the book "The triumph of death", Gabriele D'Annunzio makes a detailed description of the trabocco "Punta Turchino" in San Vito: "Leaning from the rocks, like a monster lurking, with its hundred limbs" and it also compares this trabocco to a "COLOSSAL SPIDER". Unfortunately, the Trabocco Punta Le Morge was damaged by the latest storm surges.

There are many hypotheses on the etymology of the name “trabocco” (from the dialectal term “TRAVOCCHE”). It is thought that it can derivate:

- from the Latin term TRABS (i.e. wood, tree, house); "trabocchetto" (trick) pulling to fish;
- the technique of sticking poles between the rocks "through holes";
- from the trabocco as "ancient war machine" consisting essentially of a large beam of various length rotating around a pin and used to throw stones or fires, as if they were big "crossbows";
- "trabiccolo" used in mills to squeeze the olives, something very similar to the winch located on the trabocco.

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