Tratturo Magno

Transhumance: Discovering the Tratturo Magno


Settembre, andiamo. E' tempo di migrare. Ora in terra d'Abruzzi i miei pastori lascian gli stazzi e vanno verso il mare: scendono all'Adriatico selvaggio che verde è come i pascoli dei monti...

So D'Annunzio sings transhumance, that is the displacement of the flocks that the shepherds of Abruzzo carried out in September, in search of a grassy pasture, from their mountains towards the Apulian plains, following the tratturi, the ancient green roads that through valleys and villages, touching archaeological remains and small towns, led to the plains of Foggia; for the same reason at the end of winter, the displacement of the flocks was carried out on the contrary, that is from the plain, destined to become burnt in the summer, to the mountain pastures.

The 'Tratturo Magno', about 250 kilometers long, which up to fifty years ago was crossed every year by about 3 million chiefs who were commuting between the Apulian plain and the Aquila mountain and vice versa, is the most important and longest of the network which covered the whole territory of the eastern Mezzogiorno.


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