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Museo Universitario Chieti Museo Universitario Chieti Museo Universitario Chieti

University Museum of Chieti

The first nucleus of the exhibition was inaugurated at the "G. d'Annunzio" University in 1994 at Palazzo De Pasquale. Currently, the University Museum, formerly the Museum of the History of Biomedical Sciences, is located in the Palazzo "Arnaldo Mussolini", in the historical centre. In its specificity, it contributes to characterize the "G. d'Annunzio" University, constituting a "place of memory" and an exhibition space dedicated to the biological and medical aspects that emerge from archaeological, medical, anthropological and paleontological research.
The visit path inside the Museum is organized on three floors and is divided into 7 sections:

 - "The origins and evolution of life";
 - "The origins of man";
 - "Men, Bears and Diseases";
 - "History of diseases";
 - "Mummies: a biological archive;
 - "History of the human population in Abruzzo";
 - "Naturalistic Collection".

The Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions on scientific themes every year.
At the entrance, guarding the entire complex and attracting the attention of even the most hasty passers-by, is an Allosaurus (carnivorous dinosaur) about 8.5 metres long from the Upper Jurassic (135 million years ago), whose original skeleton was found in San Juan Co., Utah (USA).

It is possible to use specialized guides and educational workshops concerning museum themes, upon reservation.

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Opening hours
Monday to Friday: from 9 to 19;
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Ticket € 3,00 (free entry for children under 6 and over 65)


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