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The Valle del Sangro and the major highlands of Abruzzo

The itinerary from Castel di Sangro, through the bottom of the Sangro river, reaches Ateleta, the "city of equals" founded by Gioacchino Murat in 1811, where it is possible to visit the Museum of Traditions. From here go up to Pietransieri (fraction of Roccaraso) for a visit to the Shrine of Limmari, then descend to the region of the major highlands of Abruzzo and allows the visit of Roccaraso, modern summer resort and winter sports, of Rivisondoli, country of the oldest living nativity scene in Italy, and of Pescocostanzo with its Renaissance and Baroque art monuments and its craft traditions (lace, filigree gold, wrought iron, wood, stone). Along this route you can taste, in some restaurants, the typical dishes of local cuisine and, in particular in Ateleta, the black truffle. Excellent are the handmade ravioli with local sheep ricotta, gnocchi with sausage and porcini mushrooms and pasta alla chitarra with "orapi". Furthermore, the unique flavor of the lamb meat from these highlands is to be discovered. Finally one of the flagships of these places is certainly the production of dairy products and cheeses (in Rivisondoli the famous mozzarella, in Pescocostanzo the local pecorino cheese and caciocavalli), highly sought-quality products by the visitors to this area.

Classification: Tourist

Practical in: Autumn Winter Spring Summmer

Classificazione: Turistico

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