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Perched at almost one thousand meters above sea level, the village of Villalago stands out against the sky, dominating the landscape and the Valle de Lacu, named for its five lakes. Its history has its roots in distant times: the town as we know it today arose in the eleventh century by the Benedictine monks and, in the late Middle Ages, underwent the domination of several feudal families. Like a castle, a stronghold, it fascinates by its ancient essence: protected by the mountains, among woods of oaks and beech trees, the historic village opens up, with its old houses and traces of the past still evident. All around, its lakes: that of San Domenico, with its limpid and green waters; the lake of Scanno, first by extension and beauty; Lake Pio, a natural oasis of waterfowl, an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67030

Prefisso: 0864

Altitudine: 930


41.9359351, 13.8359019