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Castel Del Monte, foto di L.Filice Altino (Ch), foto di Valerio Politi (Te), foto di Stefano Uberti Loreto Aprutino (Pe), foto di Emilio Pulsone Barrea Prezza Pennadomo villa santa maria roccacaramanico pacentro

Wander around Villages

In Abruzzo there are many villages to be discovered that, perched on top of the hills and the summits of the mountains, become even more fascinating in winter because they recall the classic settings of the cribs with lots of castle, palaces and shops overlooking small streets and tiny up and down alleys.

Visiting these ancient villages means entering a different world, where one realizes that time passes only by the tolling of the bell tower clock and where the "you" is immediate and direct. The rhythm of local life leads to rediscover the disappearing pleasures, where the cuisine and local products are often unforgettable surprises.

In short, let's get excited and enjoy the charm of Abruzzo!

Proposte di Viaggio, Itinerari & Idee

Che decidiate di trascorrere nella nostra regione solo un weekend o un'intera vacanza, troverete qui spunti e suggestioni sui luoghi, le attività, i borghi e i percorsi più affascinanti per scoprire l'Abruzzo più autentico!